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06:58:24 PMagamotto Hallo all
06:58:26 PMsidney_ wireless
06:58:33 PMkeckeckec Hi agamotto
06:58:41 PMkeckeckec sidney_: OK
06:58:59 PMkeckeckec I think pfsense would do it with another NIC installed
06:59:10 PMkeckeckec And some config
06:59:16 PMRobbieF have fun folks!
06:59:59 PMTheChrista Hey folks!
07:00:09 PMkeckeckec Hi TheChrista
07:00:27 PMmike69de Hey Hosts ;-)
07:00:30 PM_Jot_ hi TheCrhrita, and others :)
07:00:35 PMRobbieF \o
07:01:31 PMG_Dog1985_ lol apple fail
07:01:39 PMTNFrank Going to be a bit late to chat and the show. Need to install a printer for my grandson.
07:02:02 PM_Jot_ using something as a security-device (fingerprints) that is available on said phone itsself (fingerprints), security-fail? security-fail
07:02:03 PMagamotto woot woot
07:02:08 PMTNFrank C you guys on here a bit later.
07:02:17 PMDennis_Kelley what would the chair do if you watch porn?
07:02:23 PMDennis_Kelley *watched
07:03:14 PMagamotto If your pony leaves a waxy build-up on anything, I will be cross!
07:03:53 PMagamotto Today was so relaxed I was left alone enough to play Skyrim for a few hours.
07:04:00 PM_Jot_ nice :)
07:05:19 PM_Jot_ RobbieF has been very busy with those transcoders and he is pretty proud of them :)
07:05:39 PMpaulr8 hello
07:05:46 PMshineshadow veeery Proud
07:06:02 PMagamotto _Jot_, What will be really nice is October... I will start saving ~$400 per year on my car insurance.
07:06:36 PM_Jot_ agamotto, saving money is always good, if you need some and who doesn't need money :)
07:06:47 PMshineshadow 15 min can save you 15 percent
07:07:12 PMagamotto Oddly, GEICO was among the highest quotes I received
07:07:23 PMagamotto Esurance one this round
07:07:25 PMbull422 Using a Cynogen modfified Kindle Fire, I had a little problem to log into chat. But seems fine now.
07:07:27 PMagamotto won, even
07:07:29 PM_Jot_ I still have the most awards, together with somebody else, but I got them first :)
07:07:48 PMagamotto Cyanogen on a Kindle Fire? neat
07:08:00 PMshineshadow shows available in mins is a very cool thing
07:08:06 PMDennis_Kelley wow
07:08:25 PMDennis_Kelley i have 1660
07:08:55 PMpaulr8 it's cool :)
07:08:56 PMsidney_ bull422, I had Cyanogen on a Nook HD+ it was great and cheap
07:09:18 PMG_Dog1985_ RobbieF: some mic not working right
07:09:21 PMkeckeckec TheChrista: Sounds like Robbie's mic is intermittant
07:09:30 PMshineshadow RobbieF mic is shorting when you move
07:09:31 PMagamotto Shorting?
07:09:42 PMsidney_ someone pm him
07:09:45 PMmike69de If Robbie turns to Christa the mic is scratching...
07:09:51 PM_Jot_ way ahead of you guys :)
07:10:26 PMagamotto Spell it out, kis
07:10:58 PMsidney_ Jot I wasn't involved then
07:11:42 PMagamotto supercalifragilisticexpialodocius
07:12:43 PMinvinciblemutant hi ll
07:12:44 PMbull422 Robbie still has a scratchy mic
07:12:54 PMpaulr8 wow 6 years :)
07:13:12 PMinvinciblemutant Why a mic is around the corner?
07:13:12 PMmike69de I looove Ketchup too ;-)
07:13:15 PMshineshadow mic shorting................................................................................................................................................
07:13:32 PMkeckeckec RobbieF: your mic is cutting out sometimes
07:13:43 PMagamotto Robbie is writing his own CMS? madness
07:13:44 PMledzep mic ok on my end
07:14:03 PM_Jot_ Microphone is okay now :)
07:14:16 PMDennis_Kelley turn your head
07:14:16 PMmike69de OK here
07:14:25 PMmike69de jepp seems to be perfect now
07:14:25 PMbull422 sounds good
07:14:27 PMDennis_Kelley sounds good
07:14:28 PMledzep the mic never cut out for me
07:14:29 PMagamotto Yes, it is sad when things coagulate rather than conglomerate...
07:14:30 PMgpop7 ok here
07:14:32 PMpaulr8 sounds ok
07:14:47 PMagamotto much better now
07:14:52 PMshineshadow good so far
07:14:52 PMG_Dog1985_ that better
07:14:56 PMalpeck sounding good know
07:15:01 PMGoodGuy We prefer Comet over ajax :-)
07:15:07 PMDennis_Kelley turn your head and cough
07:15:19 PMagamotto I prefer Bon Ami
07:15:20 PMGoodGuy Hi Dennis_Kelley
07:15:27 PMinvinciblemutant Don't break it
07:15:27 PMDennis_Kelley Hello GoodGuy
07:15:49 PMGoodGuy Actually I prefer letting Mrs GoodGuy do the cleaning lol
07:15:50 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, stop telling TheChrista what she has to say! She can read the script
07:16:16 PMagamotto Script?
07:16:26 PMDennis_Kelley I see my Name
07:16:30 PM_Jot_ yeah, the script from the show :p
07:16:32 PMTheChrista Thanks Jot, he doesn't listen to me...he might listen to you
07:16:46 PMGoodGuy I can't get Compiz working on Point Linux
07:16:58 PMagamotto 57C... his system is running about 20C warmer than mine
07:17:21 PMGoodGuy This is Mint, but some of the settings were unable to be changed on Point Linux
07:17:27 PMshineshadow thats because he hugs it so much
07:17:37 PMGoodGuy nVidia 8600GT
07:17:56 PMDennis_Kelley we forgot already? Bummer
07:18:25 PMagamotto Was he worth remembering?
07:18:36 PMDennis_Kelley No~
07:18:37 PMDennis_Kelley !
07:18:40 PMGoodGuy Only for trivia
07:18:41 PMTheChrista I think not...sorry mr Hung
07:22:07 PMagamotto I thought that venting was usually a bad thing... at least according to Scotty.
07:23:48 PMagamotto The tilde?
07:24:07 PMTNFrank Ok, I made it.
07:24:11 PMkeckeckec The backtick
07:24:18 PMTNFrank Couldn't get her printer working though.
07:24:25 PMTheChrista Yes agamotto, it's actually the tilde that he's hitting
07:24:27 PMagamotto So, why not a | instead of `
07:24:28 PMkeckeckec lower-case tilde on my keybaord
07:25:56 PMTNFrank looks like Robbie is getting pretty involved into something.
07:26:09 PMagamotto Hmmm, so why not - start= date | "expression'
07:26:33 PMchaslinux In and out for a bit...
07:26:36 PMDennis_Kelley that is what sequential means RobbieF
07:26:49 PMDennis_Kelley 'in sequence'
07:27:12 PM_Jot_ I think he says such things for non-native English speakers
07:27:27 PMDennis_Kelley maybe
07:27:28 PMagamotto Which is a good idea
07:28:08 PMagamotto This makes Alchemy in Skyrim seem simple :)
07:29:24 PMQbox7 can you run terminal in android?
07:29:35 PMTNFrank keckeckec how far into the show are they??
07:29:35 PM_Jot_ Qbox7, yes, if you are root
07:29:36 PMagamotto I can see where batch jobs on pictures would clog things up fast
07:30:09 PM_Jot_ Qbox7, you also may need a seperate terminal-program for it
07:30:16 PMG_Dog1985_ can you rsync?
07:31:49 PMTNFrank My two laptop set up is working pretty well. Got the show live and full screen on one laptop and the chat room full size on the other.
07:31:54 PMrobgor Robbief what about doing this with pictures you already have on your machine
07:32:17 PMGoodGuy It wouldn't demo async processes RobbieF
07:32:19 PM_Jot_ great TNFrank :)
07:32:30 PMTNFrank Howdy Jot, glad to see ya' in the chat room
07:32:36 PMGoodGuy He is trying to demo multitasking capabilities
07:32:44 PM_Jot_ nice to see you too TNFrank :)
07:33:25 PMTNFrank I've heard Robbie talk about you(jot) and keckeckec and others quite a bit on the show when I'd watch it on demand on my Roku
07:33:35 PMTNFrank Pretty cool to actually be in the chat room with ya'll.
07:33:51 PM_Jot_ yeah, the chatroom is one of the nicest things, and the advantage of the BSP stream :)
07:34:11 PMTNFrank I'm using Pidgin now for chat.
07:34:21 PMGoodGuy TNFrank: How do you watch the show on Roku?
07:34:50 PMGoodGuy I d/l it on Miro and watch it on a WDLive TV
07:34:54 PMTNFrank Currently I'm watching live on YouTube(link they have on the Cat5 web page) but normally I'd catch the show the next day on Roku
07:35:13 PMGoodGuy Where do you find it on Roku?
07:35:23 PMTNFrank TechPodCast
07:35:34 PMGoodGuy Cool Thanks!
07:35:34 PMTNFrank IIRC it was TechPodCast
07:35:46 PMGoodGuy I will look for it
07:36:13 PMTNFrank I can double check and let you know after the show if you're still around but I'm pretty sure it's TechPodCast
07:36:16 PMagamotto I should be testing out a Silicon Dust dual-tuner card in the next few days... I can't wait to torture-test it
07:36:19 PMGoodGuy I know Revision3, Jupiter Brodcasting etc have their ow channels
07:36:35 PMTNFrank Yep, I watch Rev3 and Jupiter too
07:36:40 PM_Jot_ again, fingerprints are one of the worst security-features that exist, especially on devices you actually leave those fingerprints on in the first place
07:36:47 PMagamotto And your cat's paw print from what I hear
07:36:48 PMGoodGuy I would like one of those tuners also
07:37:10 PMagamotto GoodGuy, I will let you know what results I get
07:37:10 PMGoodGuy The Ceton 6 tuner sounds neat also
07:37:12 PMkeckeckec Got to run. Will catch the download. Bye
07:37:15 PMGoodGuy Thanks
07:37:20 PMTNFrank TekZilla was talking about this today
07:37:30 PMagamotto I still want my Capt. Kirk eyeball scanner
07:37:53 PMTNFrank Nothing made that can't be hacked with enough trying.
07:38:00 PMGoodGuy I would worry a thug would cut your finger off to use the phone
07:38:05 PMagamotto The only problem with the Ceton things is cable-card only
07:38:16 PMTNFrank Burned them off or something
07:38:32 PMagamotto GoodGuy, Actually, the sensor in the iphone also detects your pulse/current
07:38:38 PMTNFrank Pete's The Place. LOL
07:38:43 PMrobgor lol apple didnt watch mythbusters episode where they bypassed fingerprint readers
07:38:44 PMGoodGuy I thought a Norwegian 15 year old kid broke the MS Fingerprint reader a few years ago
07:38:53 PMGoodGuy I think it was a Microsoft
07:38:57 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, they already know where you are! You are live on tv!
07:39:03 PMGoodGuy They threatened lawsuits iirc
07:39:06 PMTNFrank My old HP nc6400 has a fingerprint reader on it.
07:39:19 PMTNFrank Need drivers to make it work though.
07:39:32 PMGoodGuy Don't laugh.. NSA is everywhere
07:39:53 PMGoodGuy Think of the blackmail material they have if desired
07:40:10 PMGuest_5065 Can you use the tip of your nose instead of your finger ? LOL
07:40:30 PM_Jot_ Guest, I don't think that is very identifiable although people do have different noses :)
07:40:33 PMagamotto Ni hao, Ubuntu
07:40:38 PMTNFrank Guess you could use a toe if you had too. LOL
07:41:20 PMagamotto How cool they look next to their Starbucks coffee mugs?
07:41:41 PMTNFrank Free software
07:41:52 PMagamotto Not having to update/upgrade something every week
07:42:05 PMTNFrank No Registry to get infected like Windows either. I LOVE Linux
07:42:35 PMpaulr8 did not know...... linux files not fragmented
07:43:02 PMagamotto I always thought it was due to the reality-distortion field
07:43:02 PMTNFrank Yep, Linux uses Folders so data won't get fragmented
07:43:03 PMGuest_5065 China ?
07:43:20 PMTNFrank China doesn't want Windows with the NSA backdoor app. LOL
07:43:25 PMGuest_5065 apple trying to get into china's market
07:43:40 PMagamotto Buttkickers?
07:43:47 PMGuest_5065 I like Linux
07:44:22 PMTNFrank LOL,
07:44:53 PMTNFrank Just put your sub-woofer next to your chair.
07:45:03 PMTNFrank Yep, Robbie has the right idea.
07:45:34 PMTNFrank Some people have more money to spend then common sense. LOL
07:45:36 PMGoodGuy Rich Corinitian Leather like the old Dodge ads
07:45:53 PMagamotto I miss Ricardo
07:45:56 PMTNFrank Steam Box WhooHoo
07:46:00 PMGoodGuy He was good
07:46:01 PMrobgor put a apple logo on it and call it iseat
07:46:03 PM_Jot_ 'family sharing values' eg 'very long cables from computer to tv' but more expensive :)
07:46:41 PMmike69de Applause to Valve ;-)
07:46:47 PM_Jot_
07:46:47 PMTNFrank robgor or an isit, LOL
07:46:54 PMRobbieF sound good now?
07:47:01 PMrobgor yeah lol
07:47:03 PM_Jot_ sound is fine now RobbieF
07:47:08 PMagamotto No, it will be the Piston
07:47:17 PMTNFrank Chris over at Jupiter things they'll bring out a Steam Box
07:47:28 PMpaulr8 will cat5 do a review of steamOS?
07:51:55 PMDennis_Kelley what happened to everyone
07:52:57 PMDennis_Kelley what happened
07:53:11 PMpaulr8 not sure?
07:53:31 PMDennis_Kelley what do you use to get into the chat room?
07:54:01 PMpaulr8 chatzilla,
07:54:49 PMGoodGuy I understand programming concepts
07:54:49 PMshineshadow curl_setopt is used to config the curl call
07:54:49 PMTNFrank I learned Hex back in '83 when I went to Tech School
07:54:49 PMGoodGuy just don't know PHP syntax, functions etc
07:54:55 PMDennis_Kelley welcome back everyone
07:54:58 PMGoodGuy so each curl_setopt was supplying a diff curl opt?
07:55:09 PMshineshadow yes
07:55:24 PM_Jot_ I bet there is some commandline option that doesn't show all that extra crap and just the filenames, so RobbieF doesn't need al the regexp-stuff and filtering and so on :)
07:55:26 PMGoodGuy the $ch was an alias for the init command?
07:55:49 PMGoodGuy Thanks shineshadow
07:56:08 PMTNFrank Robbie makes that stuff look so easy.
07:56:28 PMshineshadow its just a variable that holds the init data. you can cal it $anything
07:57:24 PMTNFrank I really need to get a couple three books on Debian and Linux to read up on Terminal Commands and other stuff.
07:57:45 PMshineshadow anytime GoodGuy.
07:58:38 PMTNFrank Did we lose keckeckec??
07:58:45 PMGoodGuy TRhis is more complex than simple term cmds
07:58:49 PM_Jot_ there has been a netsplit so it could be
07:59:10 PMTNFrank yep, way further along then I am.
07:59:11 PMGoodGuy It is using PHP to generate a custom BASH script
07:59:25 PM_Jot_ also my video keeps dying so there are some internet-issues at various locations :)
07:59:59 PMTNFrank My laptops were too old to do video and chat on just one.
08:00:11 PMTNFrank That's why I'm using one for live video and the other for Pidgin chat.
08:00:17 PMTNFrank and it's working like a charm
08:00:25 PMTNFrank ;-)
08:00:55 PM_Jot_ RobbieF, you can execute PHP-scripts on windows directly as well so it isn't that special :)
08:02:10 PMTNFrank I'd just open with Shotwell and resize using that one pic at a time. LOL
08:02:22 PMDennis_Kelley got to run! See all next week
08:02:33 PMTNFrank C ya'
08:02:44 PMpaulr8 thanks, fun show :)
08:02:50 PM_Jot_ poor season 6, it has ended :)
08:02:59 PMagamotto foo
08:03:03 PMTNFrank So now season 7 starts.
08:03:25 PMTheChrista Only good things ahead folks!
08:03:28 PMGoodGuy I am 62
08:03:34 PMTNFrank I'm 52
08:03:37 PMpaulr8 bye
08:03:43 PMshineshadow bye season 6 :(
08:03:43 PMagamotto I am 43 and loving every minute of it
08:03:45 PMGoodGuy bye paulr8
08:04:00 PM_Jot_ heh, I'm only 38 :) RobbieF is younger than that
08:04:19 PMpaulr8 (was saying bye to the hosts )
08:04:21 PMchaslinux 43 here too
08:04:23 PMpaulr8 :)
08:04:28 PMrobgor great show once again robbief and thechrista
08:04:29 PMshineshadow you think?
08:04:37 PMchaslinux Night all...
08:04:38 PMTNFrank Well, I can shut down one of the laptops
08:04:40 PMshineshadow younger tn
08:04:54 PM_Jot_ shineshadow, yes, hs age is somewhere on one of his profiles
08:04:54 PMshineshadow younger than that?
08:04:55 PM_Jot_ I think he's 34
08:05:01 PMTNFrank LOL, mental I'm about 19, at least that's what my wife tells me,
08:05:08 PMagamotto Hmmm, if I can catch the dog in a drowsy enough state, I may shave her foot pads tonight
08:05:28 PMshineshadow did he listen to van halen?
08:05:43 PMTNFrank RobbieF did you get the pic of my two laptop set up for the show?
08:05:51 PMshineshadow thats the age test
08:05:56 PMTheChrista The doggy doesn't like that too much then I reckon agamotto?
08:06:18 PMTheChrista I don't think many people mentally grow up too much TNFrank
08:06:19 PMagamotto She doesn't like the tickling sensation
08:06:57 PMagamotto Actually, I was a little grown-up as a kid. I only learned to goof off as I got older
08:06:57 PMTNFrank Yep, I agree, we all pretty much stay young at heart, it's just our bodies get older
08:07:02 PMmike69de So just wrote a mail with my "bash-problem" ;-) .... have to get into bed's 2 AM and I have to get up in 4 hours... aargh... :-)
08:07:08 PMTheChrista switch to waxing then agamotto
08:07:31 PMTheChrista oh no! well have a great night mike69de....thanks for joining us!
08:07:34 PMTNFrank It's after 7pm here and I've still not had dinner yet.
08:07:39 PMagamotto Waxing foot pads? Yah, can't see that happening
08:07:52 PMTNFrank Didn't want to miss the show.
08:08:05 PMmike69de Thanks Christa and thanks to Robbie as well :-) yes it was fun ;-)
08:08:13 PMshineshadow maybe its safer to use your toe print for the iphone
08:08:18 PMagamotto I can see hot wax being flung all over as dog tries to get it off her paws
08:08:57 PMmike69de Have a good night @ all... see you next week :-)
08:09:03 PMTNFrank C ya' Mike
08:09:04 PM_Jot_ see you mike :)
08:09:07 PMpaulr8 tc
08:09:13 PMshineshadow later mike
08:09:48 PMagamotto Hmm , doesn't that SHIELD show start this week?
08:10:15 PMTNFrank Yep, it's on here right now. Need to go eat something and watch it. That is if my wife hasn't found something else to watch.
08:10:29 PMshineshadow only if it passes the NSA vetting
08:10:34 PMagamotto Good thing I have my Mythbox set to record it
08:10:49 PMpaulr8 need to go, thanks for the show, tc
08:10:59 PM_Jot_ have a nice week paul
08:11:04 PMagamotto If Honey Boo Boo can pass, anything can
08:11:04 PMTNFrank I'm trying to think of the one I watched last night about the criminal guy that turned his self into the FBI
08:11:06 PMRobbieF hope you all enjoyed yourselves tonight :)
08:11:09 PMshineshadow piece paul
08:11:18 PMTNFrank Dang I hate getting old, can't even remember the name of the show
08:11:37 PMTNFrank RobbieF my brain hurts, LOL
08:11:46 PMRobbieF funny, mine too :) bahahaha
08:11:49 PMshineshadow always enjoy fellow geeks. gives me a moment to feel normal
08:11:58 PMTNFrank I'm still too much of a Linux Noob to get stuff like that right now
08:12:00 PMagamotto RobbieF, a question: Instead of the `, why not just have something like start= date | 'expression'
08:12:38 PMRobbieF because then $start will contain "date | 'expression', non executed
08:13:00 PMagamotto If you want a really good chuckle search for 'WQAD unemployed man upset about klingon'
08:13:04 PMRobbieF eg. Agamotto, if you echo $start, it will say: date | 'expression' instead of 555000555
08:13:22 PMagamotto ahhh
08:13:41 PMTNFrank I have a Klingon Dictionary but I'm not good with languages so I never learned to speak it.
08:13:49 PMRobbieF so basically we're saying, set $start to the EXECUTED OUTPUT of `this command`
08:14:09 PMRobbieF TNFrank; that's okay. Just owning the Klingon dictionary makes you geeky enough for me ;)
08:14:16 PM_Jot_ I have the star trek klingon game, which comes with an audio-cd with klingon and it has a klingon-trainer build into the holodeck
08:14:32 PMagamotto It was a story on local telly about how upset this guy was that the stat of Illinois was wasting money translating the IDES website into Klingon... didn't realize it was being done through Bing, not the state
08:14:37 PMTNFrank LOL, I've been into Star Trek since the age of 14, I'm 52 now so do the math on that one, LOL
08:14:51 PMTNFrank Still love Star Trek, even the newer movies.
08:15:02 PMshineshadow so i assume without the ` you are just defining $start with a string
08:15:17 PMTNFrank And everyone admit it, ya'll cried when Spock died, now didn't ya'? I know I did.
08:15:43 PMagamotto I can skip the 'new' movies... I prefer the books by far
08:16:35 PMagamotto Genesis... still trying to figure out how a terraforming missile created a sun to go along with the planet...
08:16:37 PMTNFrank I've still not seen the latest Star Trek movie, "Into Darkness" IIRC. Looks pretty good though.
08:16:57 PMagamotto I will politely hold my tongue
08:17:16 PMTNFrank I love seeing Kirk and Spock, et al when they were all young.
08:17:31 PMTNFrank Brought a tear to my eyes
08:18:11 PMshineshadow kirk and spock were sharp looking dudes in their day
08:18:22 PMTNFrank I think casting that guy from Heros as Spock was a pretty decent move.
08:18:46 PMTNFrank Can't remember his name but he looks a lot like Spock from the Original Star Trek
08:18:55 PM_Jot_ I like the old series but I don't like what they are doing currently
08:19:08 PMTNFrank I like it all, even Voyager, LOL
08:19:15 PMagamotto For those who have seen "Into Darkness" I highly recommend a YouTube video called '67 things that are wrong with Into Darkness'
08:19:17 PM_Jot_ I have no problem with alternate trek-universes, but this new one just isn't right :)
08:19:47 PMagamotto _Jot_, agreed
08:20:15 PMshineshadow i like the new movies and tthe original series. couldnt get into all the spin off series
08:20:36 PMTNFrank Man I'm starting to get hungry, I guess I'll make like a Tree and Leaf, C ya'll later. Have a good one.
08:20:47 PMagamotto Enterprise was the only one that I couldn't bear
08:20:54 PM_Jot_ have a nice meal Frank :)
08:21:00 PMshineshadow later TNFrank
08:21:23 PM_Jot_ the characters on enterprise were okay and some of the stories, but all the time-stuff just didn't make sense in trek in this way
08:21:43 PMagamotto I think I will wander off and shave a certain dog's feet
08:21:53 PM_Jot_ good luck with that agamotto :)
08:22:00 PMshineshadow good luck agamotto
08:22:18 PMagamotto I simply would like to see a moratorium on any time-travel in future Trek, period.
08:24:20 PM_Jot_ how are the transcoders RobbieF, or didn't you start them yet?
08:24:44 PMshineshadow thanks for another hour of reality. time to head back to the fantasy...goodnight folks
08:24:56 PM_Jot_ good luck shineshadow :)


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