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Episode 278 — Protecting Your Script from Disposable Email Addresses

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Category5 Technology TV Episode 278 5/5 with 2 votes


Originally aired on January 15th, 2013.

Starring: Robbie Ferguson and Eric Kidd.

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Chat Logs

This episode is sponsored in part by: netTALK DUO, Netflix, Eco Alkalines and Cordery Electric.

Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Eric Kidd present from the Category5 studios in Barrie, Ontario. Gerold Setz, developer of the Block Disposable Email Addresses API, joins us via Skype Video.
  • Category5 Technology TV now broadcasts live on YouTube.
  • Interview: Gerold Setz speaks with Robbie and Eric about his API which detects whether an email address is a disposable email account.
    • A few examples of why it's important users enter legitimate email addresses when subscribing to services or downloading trial versions of software.
    • While Disposable Email Addresses do indeed have their place, in some instances, disposable email accounts are a red flag to companies that you could be trying to do something fraudulent.
    • The challenge in trying to determine whether an email address is disposable or legitimate.
    • The Block Disposable Email Accounts API (BDEA) does all the work with JSON, Serialized PHP or Text responses.
    • How the Block Disposable Email Account API accumulates information about new disposable email domains.
    • Block Disposable Email Accounts does not see email addresses; you only send the email's domain to the API.
    • If a domain has never been tested (your submission is the first time a domain has been seen by the API), the API will respond as if it is ok, avoiding accidental false positives, and will ping the developers to test that domain.
    • cat5.tv/badmail will take you directly to the Block Disposable Email Accounts API.
    • The pricing model for BDEA is very fair: if you're a normal "small" site (eg., a personal blog or small business web site), the service is free. As you grow (and theoretically are making more money), the fees are priced based on a fair tiered pricing model.
    • Blocking disposable email addresses on Wordpress, phpBB and more using pre-built plugins / modules.
    • Viewer Question: Is the BDEA API using SPF or DKIM?
  • Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom
  • Prize Giveaway: Announcing this week's giveaway of a year supply of telephone service with unlimitted long distance to Canada or the USA (from anywhere in the world), from netTALK DUO WiFi.
    • Note: Robbie said "$30 / month, around $3 per month" which makes no sense. He meant, just more than $30 per year, roughly $3.35 per month.
    • Cast your ballot at cat5.tv/phone.
  • A look at CES 2013 with Mark from LEI Electronics Inc.
    • The Eco Alkalines booth at CES 2013
    • HzO waterproof iPad / iPhone / smartphone skin
    • Ink for Dummies recycled ink cartridges for inkjet printers
    • AEE MagiCam with drone-style remote control cameras, point and shoot, and more
    • ETON, partnered with the American Red Cross
    • Avantree smartphone accessories
    • A look at the Intel booth at CES 2013
    • LG SmartTV with an enormous (~140' wide) 3D TV
    • LG OLED TVs and UltraHD TV's in the LG booth at CES 2013
    • Smart appliances from LG can be operated with your smartphone
    • The Panasonic booth at CES 2013
    • The TCL (The Creative Life) booth at CES 2013
    • The Samsung booth at CES 2013
    • The Intel laptop tree
  • Send your postcards to Category5 Technology TV, PO Box 29009, Barrie, Ontario, Canada, L4N 7W7.
  • Category5 can be found on mobile devices at m.cat5.tv
  • Programming Feature: Using the Block Disposable Email Accounts EasyAPI in your PHP script with JSON.
    • Download the completed script sample here: BDEA-master.zip or subscribe to the Git Repository here: github.com/RobbieF/BDEA
    • The standard PHP email validation methods may tell you if an email address is malformed or not, but won't tell you if the email address comes from a disposable email address provider.
    • Registering your web server for a Block Disposable Email Addresses API key.
    • Quickly obtaining the IP address of your web server for API key generation.
    • Creating a function to connect your script to the Block Disposable Email Accounts API.
    • Using PHP's explode() and array_pop() functions to determine the domain of an email address.
    • How to log back in to the BDEA web site to get your API key.
    • Processing your API query using PHP, and json_decode().
    • Running a quick print_r() test to make sure the API is responding.
    • Building your if statements and returning true or false according to the response from the BDEA API.
    • Testing our script... success!

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