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Episode 221 — Making the Internet faster ... for free

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Category5 Technology TV Episode 221 5/5 with 1 vote


Originally aired on December 13th, 2011.

Starring: Robbie Ferguson and Rachel Xu.

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Chat Logs

This episode is sponsored in part by: Liquid Image, Garden Gate Farms, Planet Calypso & Pogoplug.

Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Rachel Xu present live from the Category5 studios in Barrie, Ontario.
  • Introducing the new live viewing page for Category5 Technology TV.
  • Viewer Question: Are you using a green screen?
  • Santa Claus pays a visit and extends a very special greeting to Rachel Xu, courtesy of magicsanta.ca.
  • Viewer Comment: Greeting from India.
  • Greetings to new viewers.
  • Viewer Question: How can I connect to a Windows share on my NAS from my Linux computer and output a list of all the files in that share?
  • Connecting to a Windows share the typical way from within the Linux GUI.
  • Installing smbfs on Linux using the apt-get command.
  • Creating a mountpoint in Linux to connect your NAS to.
  • Mounting a samba (Windows) network share to your Linux machine using the mount command and smbfs.
  • Demonstrating a few of the different "simple" commands to list files in Linux.
  • Piping bash (Linux terminal) commands into a text file using either overwrite method or append.
  • Viewer Question: Which movie software is better, Moovida or XBMC?
  • Viewer Question: Can you explain what the speed of SD memory cards means?
  • Using Google to quickly convert megabits to megabytes.
  • The effects of SD card speed on both video and still digital cameras.
  • Understanding the class rating of SD cards.
  • Top Stories from the Category5.TV newsroom.
  • What "sandboxing" means.
  • Rachel's Question: Is the Pogoplug simply USB storage?
  • Remeniscing when flash drives were more than $100 for less than 100 MB.
  • Robbie's use of a Brother MFC scanner to scan directly to USB flash drive, and then plug the drive directly into the Pogoplug to share and backup.
  • Viewer Comment: The star over your head needs to be turned down.
  • Viewer Comment: The Pogoplug software is not working on my computer.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of Pogoplug software vs Pogoplug hardware.
  • Important Notice: Apparently some cashiers have been ringing through orders at the checkout with "cash advance", and then pocketing the money. Check your receipts as you check out.
  • When forwarding email, use BCC to protect yourself, friends and family from viruses and spammers.
  • Why Robbie always checks the ATM before inserting his debit card.
  • Feature: Making your Internet faster ... for free.
  • What DNS is and what it does for you.
  • Why DNS really matters: it's not just about getting to the page, but every single http request required to generate and navigate the web site.
  • Obtaining GRC's free DNS Benchmark tool, which works on Windows, or via wine in Linux or Mac OS.
  • Running DNS Benchmark on Linux using wine.
  • Generating a custom name server list in DNS Benchmark.
  • Understanding the "orange" redirecting DNS servers generated by DNS Benchmark.
  • Running a DNS Benchmark to determine the fastest DNS servers for your Internet connection.
  • Using Linux Network Connections tool to edit your DNS settings directly on your Linux computer. Note: this can be done on both Windows and Mac OS, but the process is simply a little different. Simply use a search engine and search for change dns windows xp, change dns windows 7 or change dns mac os according to your needs.
  • GRC DNS Benchmark's advantage over other products such as namebench: it not only offers the fastest servers, but also lets you see their reliability.
  • Christmas gift for Rachel Xu: a Christmas pickle.
  • Contest: Click Race. Congratulations to Jot who won the Pogoplug and Knightstarr who won 250 Category5 Viewer Points as the runner up.
  • Viewer Comment: The reason I'm so good at clicking the mouse is from playing Planet Calypso.


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This episode is nearly 5 years old.
Some of the technologies highlighted may be obsolete or unavailable.