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Episode 195 — Ubuntu Unity Replacements

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Category5 Technology TV Episode 195 5/5 with 1 vote


Originally aired on June 14th, 2011.

Starring: Robbie Ferguson and Christa Wells.

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Chat Logs

This episode is sponsored in part by: Planet Calypso & Pogoplug.

Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson, Christa Wells and Hillary Rumball present in studio.
  • Robbie's recommendations and key points with regards to use of an external hard drive. Is it really safer than saving on your computer's drive?
  • Progress of our fundraising to purchase the replacement hardware.
  • Viewer Pictures: Congratulations to John Gallagher who joins us via Miro Internet TV from Glasgow.
  • Viewer Question: Where is Eric?
  • Viewer Question: @kgoosie asks: Are you still using your UnRaid box? If so, how is it still working out for your needs?
  • Viewer Question: @andrewjamison asks: My video camera does not support an external mic, is there an easy way to overlay an external audio track to sync with the [voice?]
  • What a marker is for in video production.
  • Viewer Comment: Great topic about the OpenShot video editor, but you really need a good computer to make it work. My computer goes very slow when creating video.
  • Viewer Tip: For users who want to test their web site across multiple browsers, try browsershots.org
  • Feature: Video Editing on Linux Part 2 - Scaling your media to fill the frame.
  • Hillary's dollar store find: Star Trek's Scotty
  • Top stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom.
  • Fears about Facebook's "Tag Suggestions".
  • Feature: Alternatives to Unity on Ubuntu Linux 11.04.
  • What Ubuntu Linux is.
  • Robbie's thoughts about Unity, having used it exclusively for over a month.
  • A couple of Robbie's biggest dissappointments with Unity.
    • Desktop users are left behind the touch screen user.
    • You cannot paste to the Alt-F2 run dialogue.
    • It is buggy / causes applications to lose responsiveness.
  • Robbie recommends trying the lxde and xfce4 packages to replace Unity on the Ubuntu 11.04 desktop.
  • Why Robbie recommends using the xfce4 package and not the xubuntu-desktop package in Ubuntu.
  • Changing your default user session on Ubuntu so you can try LXDE and XFCE instead of Unity or Gnome.
  • Viewer Question: Can you do a walkthrough of moving my /home folder to another partition on Ubuntu 10.10?
  • Editing your /etc/fstab file.
  • Obtaining the UUID of your hard drive using blkid.

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This episode is more than 5 years old.
Some of the technologies highlighted may be obsolete or unavailable.