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Christa Wells

Number of Episodes: 55

Appears in Chat Room as: TheChrista

Web Site: [cwellsdesigns.com]

Christa Wells is a professional Graphic Designer from Barrie, Ontario. Her friends see her as a professional finger painter.

Christa has been designing ever since she can remember; creating the remarkably abstract rainbow images on the fridge as a child. It only seemed appropriate that she would take it a step further and become a professional Graphic Designer. After 4 years of college Christa embarked onto the road of freelance design and hasn't looked back since. There is no longer a billboard, website, business card or logo that Christa can look at without immediately silently critiquing. For the past 4 years Christa has been freelancing, but has her sights set on one day, opening her own design firm.

Category5 has become a fun way for Christa to get out of her element. Usually stuck behind a computer, Christa has found that being given the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with people from around the world has really been amazing. Regardless of her obvious Mac obsession, Christa is thrilled to learn new things about PC technology and support methods every week.

Christa grew up in small town Saskatchewan where wheat fields were abundant and your parents heard you were going to skip class before you had even considered it. Avid in sports, Christa played volleyball, badminton, curling, coached figure skating and was in rhythmic gymnastics. In 2003 Christa was presented with an amazing opportunity and she tried out for Team Canada in rhythmic gymnastics where she went to Portugal for an International Gymnaestrada. Although the small town will always be home, Christa felt that she needed to hone her design skills and treaded out to Barrie, Ontario where she graduated with honours from the Graphic Design program. It was here where she became friends with her soon-to-be long term boyfriend; Brad.

Christa has an older sister who kept her on her toes as a kid, but who quickly became her best friend once she left for college. She also enjoys photography, hiking, camping and biking and tries to get out of the city as often as possible.

Christa is proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. She is currently taking night classes at the local college to spruce up her skills in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and Dreamweaver. Christa makes use of these skills not only for her profession, but also on a regular basis to design as a hobby on her "down time."

Likes: Apple computers, ice cream, CCR (most classic rock for that matter), beer, four legged critters, camping, rhythmic gymnastics, the prairies, the Saskatchewan Roughriders, green, the smell of dirt after it rains, sarcasm, the Big Bang Theory, sunshine & lollipops, hiking, a well type-set poster, wheat fields, freshly mowed grass, skating, clouds that look like things, pantone 368 C, fresh bread, fluffy puppies, Aurora Borealis, country music, witty banter, biking, rain, climbing trees, wine, being barefoot, clever logos, splashing in puddles, old barns, rhubarb pie, How I Met Your Mother, Robert Munsch stories, skiing, my kitties (Pasta & Cricket), snap dragons and sour watermelon candies!

Dislikes: non Apple computers, logos created in Photoshop, paper cuts, rude people, black liquorice, medium sized spiders, smoking, drivers who don't know how to use their turn signal, hypocrites, taxes, humidity on a sunny day, Pantone 1625 C, wearing shoes, the cost of gas, uncomfortable pants, searching for stock photos, weak handshakes, sand in my shoes, accidentally swallowing bugs while biking, difficult clients, hat head, mosquitoes and toothpaste tubes squished from the centre.

Silly Facts: Christa has 4 screws in her jaw and has only about 60% of the feeling in her bottom lip. This is due to the jaw surgery that she had when she was 18 where she had to drink liquified food through a straw for 3 weeks! Christa has dreams of rebuilding a 1928 Studebaker. Christa's hair has been just about every colour including blue, black, brown, red, purple, pink and blonde. Christa's school was so small that her graduating class had only 7 people.... and that was one of the largest classes in the school. Christa once dislocated her knee while limboing. Contrary to popular belief, Christa believes she can NOT sing—although she puts on one awesome karaoke concert while driving in her car. When Christa grows up, she wants to be a fire truck (or a super hero)!


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