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Carrie Webb

Number of Episodes: 32

Carrie joined the Category5.TV team in August 2008 and resigned her position as co-host on June 23, 2009.

Carrie's outgoing personality and contagious smile have made her a favorite to fans of the show.

Carrie met Robbie in 2007 when she volunteered to play bass guitar for the pre-teen/teen band that Robbie Ferguson was teaching. They worked together for a season, and Robbie later asked her to become a part of Category5.TV as he was seeking a co-host to help with the first anniversary show. Carrie enjoyed Category5 too much, and we are very pleased that she has decided to stick around.

Carrie has worked as a Community Support Worker. In that capacity, she has assisted individuals with various impairments in maintaining independence in their own homes. She has also served as a leader for a Teen Girls ministry called IE Girl. Throughout high school she worked as a deli clerk at the local grocery store—slice it up!

Carrie’s media experience consists of listening to the radio, and making a few diskettes.

Carrie enjoys interacting with the Category5 community every Tuesday night. She loves learning new things from both Robbie and the viewers. Asking questions on the air and hanging out with the Category5 team are sure highlights of Carrie's week.

Carrie is a talented bass and flute player, and is even known to perform the occasional vocal part. Involved in a number of bands through her church and other venues, she is usually involved in several gigs each year. Her passions include her faith, family, and her friends. Carrie has one older brother, Garth, who is her closest friend. She also enjoys soccer, volleyball (or any other sport except curling), baking, sewing, painting, reading... and being a part of Category5!

When it comes to tech experience, Carrie is known to create fully animated PowerPoint presentations, and she can type a smoking 30 words-per-minute without looking at the keyboard!

Carrie is a full time student earning her BSc. She works at a long-term care facility as a Health Care Aid. Her work on Category5 Technology TV is voluntary.

Likes: People, reading (the Bible, anything by Dr. Paul Brand or Ravi Zacharias), soccer, volleyball, CARBS and CHOCOLATE, studying, baking, cooking, running, laughing, old movies, camping, snow, small towns, "widgets," and the Eden Alternative for Long Term Care.

Dislikes: Dirty socks, headaches, long nails, poverty, tuition, gossip, MSN, and the BSOD.

Carrie's Parting Message
Saturday, July 4, 2009

I must say that last Tuesday was indeed a bitter-sweet farewell to Category5. I have so enjoyed being part of the community and I cannot say enough good things about what Robbie is doing for viewers. Moreover, I have had the opportunity to meet some truly unique and intelligent people within the Category5 chat room.

Thank you to Robbie for letting me be part of his dream and for the viewers for all the encouragement (and phonetic spelling when I needed some help with the technicaly jargon!)

As most of the viewers know, I had to leave the show to continue with my schooling to finish my BSc. Nursing next year. This summer I'm working on a Surgery unit and the experience so far has been amazing. It's really a privilege to have people trust you to care for them. I have also had the opportunity to spend one shift seeing what emergency nursing is like. Let me tell you that it is nuts. In one room we had a pregnant women, then next a grandmother who had a stroke, in the next bed a woman on a ventilator because she was losing consciousness, and finally we were caring for a man with a potential heart attack. How diverse and intense!

I will try to remember to post any exciting experience I have or anything new to share about. Several viewers have emailed me with ideas to blog about and I sure appreciate that! If you would like to suggest something, please contact me.

Until next time, thanks for everything,

--- that was her final blog entry.

Carrie makes special appearancees now and again, and even returned to host our 300th episode.

She is now working as a full-time nurse.


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